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Newborn Care

Supporting Your Family’s Journey: From Prenatal Check-ups to Newborn Care

At Family Medicine at Greenhill, we have the distinct advantage of being able to provide excellent care for both mothers and infants. Care for Mom begins before the baby is born. So, it is recommended that expectant mothers get a general check-up by their family physician or nurse practitioner in addition to her prenatal appointments with her OBGYN. We generally recommend during your first trimester and then again 3-4 weeks before delivery.

For babies born in the hospital, our main pediatric physician Dr. Gill will see and care for your baby in the hospital. He will explain how to best care for your baby after you leave the hospital. This is the perfect time to ask any questions about your newborn. He can also assist your OB physician with care for Mom. Dr. Gill sees newborns and mothers at both Christiana and St. Francis hospitals.

For babies born at the Birth Center of Delaware, either Dr. Gill or Amanda Bostick, our nurse practitioner, will see your baby after birth. They can see your baby either at the Birth Center or in the office within 48 hours.

When seeing your infant in the office, we can also see Mom at the same time for problems that arise after having your baby. That way you do not need to come for doctor visits at two different times or at two different offices for Mom and baby. That is what family-centered care is all about.

For expectant mothers who are potentially interested in the services we provide for newborns, make an appointment for yourself with Dr. Gill, our nurse practitioner Amanda Bostick, or any of our other physicians or nurse practitioners. We will discuss your medical history and its impact on care for your newborn. Dads are welcome to come to the appointment as well.