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Telemedicine Visits

Family Medicine at Greenhill now offers telemedicine appointments for certain appointment types.  This service is much like a FaceTime or Skype application and requires you to have a strong wifi connection and use of a camera on your device.  A cell phone, tablet or personal computer may be used as long as these options are available.  This service eliminates your need to come into the office, take time off of work, find a babysitter or wait in our office to see a clinician.

You are given a certain time to log in and will be set up with one of our highly skilled staff members to answer questions, review lab results with you, discuss medications and many other options.  These appointments will be billed to your insurance company like an in-office visit and any copays/deductibles will still apply.

Ready to make your first Telemedicine visit? Request an appointment through your patient portal or contact the office at (302) 429-5870.