Dr. Anjala Pahwa, a Board Certified family physician, has been practicing for nearly two decades, including more than a dozen years here in Wilmington.  She brings broad and invaluable experiences to her work.

Dr. Pahwa was on the first line treating the spectrum of medical conditions while training in a hospital emergency room in Manitoba, Canada.  At a walk-in clinic in a small Canadian town where specialists were not readily available, she was required to handle everything from orthopedic needs to cardiac concerns.

When Dr. Pahwa moved to rural Minnesota, her practice ran the gamut from delivering babies to attending geriatric patients in nearby nursing homes and seemingly everything in-between.

Dr. Pahwa chose family medicine because it offers continued exposure to an array of health concerns. She enjoys providing care to the variety of the families who rely on her and is pleased to teach her diagnostic and treatment skills, as well as her hands-on approach, to medical students who train in our office.

She received her medical degree from the University of Manitoba, Canada.

Dr. Pahwa is a proponent of healthy eating and regular exercise and encourages her patients to do the same.  She delights in spending family time with her husband and two young sons and particularly likes playing tennis together and hiking through state parks.